IDS Labs for Introduction to Data Science v 5.0

Introduction to Data Science

Links to the slides used in the labs are listed below

Unit 1

Lab 1A - Data, Code & RStudio

Lab 1B - Get the picture?

Lab 1C - Export, Upload, Import

Lab 1D - Zooming Through Data

Lab 1E - What’s the Relationship?

Lab 1F - A Diamond in the Rough

Lab 1G - What’s the FREQ?

Lab 1H - Our Time

Unit 2

Lab 2A - All About Distributions

Lab 2B - Oh the Summaries…

Lab 2C - Which Song Plays Next?

Lab 2D - Queue It Up!

Lab 2E - The Horror Movie Shuffle

Lab 2F - The Titanic Shuffle

Lab 2G - Getting It Together

Lab 2H - Eyeballing Normal

Lab 2I - R’s Normal Distribution Alphabet

Unit 3

Lab 3A - The Results Are In!

Lab 3B - Confound It All!

Lab 3C - Random Sampling

Lab 3D - Are You Sure About That?

Lab 3E - Scraping Web Data

Lab 3F - Maps

Unit 4

Lab 4A - If the Line Fits …

Lab 4B - What’s the Score?

Lab 4C - Cross-Validation

Lab 4D - Interpreting Correlations

Lab 4E - This Model is Big Enough for All of Us!

Lab 4F - Some Models Have Curves

Lab 4G - Growing Trees

Lab 4H - Finding Clusters


Internal Users

To use these labs, you’ll need to login your Rstudio Server.

To view the labs in the Viewer pane in Rstudio, run the load_labs() function and then select the lab you’d like to look at.